Thirty5ive in Amsterdam Oost

ID card  of Thirty5ive

  1. Area: Javaplein next to Badhuis
  2. Atmosphere: Elegant casual
  3. Price:  Medium low $$
  4. Quality Food: Excellent 
  5. Quality Wine: Great

This little restaurant in the upcoming Oost part of Amsterdam is an excellent choice for a first date to impress your date but not scare in too high standard place and also great for a small group of friends.

Chef Brian is a creator of rich simple taste in a plate.

The food is easy and very tasty. No entries and main course. You can choose how to set your choice for entree and or the main course from the plates à la Carte.

A smooth ribeye carpaccio is served topped up by a hint of truffle. The fish is delicately placed on the plate with a perfectly cooked poached egg in a delicate sauce.

This is a place worth biking to under a rainy evening and enjoying a great meal paired with surprising complex wines.


A young sommelier who knows his wine can pair your dishes in a perfect harmonious combination. Among the wines, you will find some classic Dutch choices: french wines but also some surprising new discoveries such as Natural Wines…

All in all a great experience between classic dishes with a twist and wines with strong character in an urban wood decorated room with soft swing music playing not too loud so you can still talk and enjoy some conversation.



Some of the wines you can enjoy if you are in the mood for something natural (natural wines) and different for a more conservative wine:

  1. Courtois – Plume D’Ange (Les Cailloux du Paradis)                                     plume


Sangratino – Diego Calcabrina Foglio ’61 Rosso

More wines to come in this great and a bit hidden place in Amsterdam. Worth seeing and sharing.



Open Wednesday till Sunday. Javaplein






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