Wine with a “new choice”…Barrique Amsterdam (de Pijp)

ID card  of Barrique

  1. Area: De Pijp/Albert Cuyp
  2. Atmosphere: Industrial chique
  3. Price:  Medium (low) $$
  4. Quality Food: appetizing & surprising  
  5. Quality Wine: Special (especially their little red book…shhhh)

Their catchy phrase is:

The art of pairing good food & great wine.

Which can already tell you a lot about what this little underground restaurant is capable of doing to you!



Let’s start with wine. Since it’s the reason the name and concept attracted me in the first place. If you’re a wine lover or just a wine explorer here you can taste a lot of wine without having to drag yourself back home because they offer a “half” wine glass for the wines they sell by the glass and believe me they have a lot.

If you’re in the mood for fancy French wine you can ask them for this little RED book and there you’ll find bottles that most restaurants do not have in Amsterdam. the RED BOOK has a little HGH price tag on it but what the heck if you love wine- it might be worth.

For the more simple tested Explorers, you’ll not be disappointed with their “normal” wine list. They have it all French, Spanish, Italian and German/Austrian…so with their “half” glass offer you can travel through European top wineries in one single evening.

The food is carefully paired with their wine selection and is a holy matrimony of flavors.

You can choose only how many courses and they’ll surprise you with delicate and strong tastes according to the wine you pair with it. Great sommeliers in the house that will respect your unique or in my case a bit out of the “glass” (box) taste and offer some smart pairing.


The atmosphere is a bit busy and can be loud but worth your time since they have that eye for attention and keep you busy drinking 🙂

I can suggest that I tried for the first time a lamb neck and it was just amazing, soft, complex and to die for.

For the rest, it’s a popular place that gives you quality for a good price.
Address: Gerard Doustraat 82, 1072 Amsterdam



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